Weed Warriors go to work

The Narrows

Our President, Greg Parry, attended the first of the regular planned weeding events at The Narrows on 1 December. Being the first of many planned events, there were extra formalities, including a welcome from Ross Ebbels, Mayor of the Borough of Queenscliffe.

Matt Crawley and Lachlan Forbes from the Bellarine Catchment Network (BCN) described the ecological vegetation classes on the coastal strip at The Narrows, and the dominant weeds.

While our team of Weed Warriors was small, we cleared a substantial area. Like so much of our coastal vegetation, it was dominated by Polygala, Italian Buckthorn and Cape Ivy.

Point Lonsdale Lighthouse Reserve

On Wednesday 9 December it was time for the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse Reserve to receive a visit from the Weed Warriors. Swan Bay Environment Association’s Secretary, Eva Mutton reports.

Wednesday at the Lighthouse was great. We had 12 volunteers led by Lachlan and Tim from BCN. Lachlan thoughtfully explained the significance of the area and the types of vegetation.

We weeded for an hour, pulling out young Polygala (Bellarine Pea) in the Moonah woodland adjacent to the Rip View car park.

We made a real difference in a short time to a small area, although we appreciated that this needs to be revisited for years in order to remove emerging weeds. However, Lachlan pointed out that we had given the small native Sea Box and other seedlings, now visible after weeding, a better chance to grow.

Socially the weeding event was great! Michelle was talking about her grandfather and his shop in the early days of Point Lonsdale. She also mentioned how wonderful the new website is! Another couple said they had been in touch with BCN earlier in the year about doing some volunteering. They were really pleased to be finally doing something.

At the end of the weeding session we had a little wander to see some beautiful sun orchids.

Next Weed Warrior event

The Weed Warrior events will resume in February from 10.00am to 12noon on the first Tuesday and second Wednesday of each month. It’s the first Tuesday for The Narrows and the second Wednesday for the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse Reserve.

Give nature a hand by restoring critical habitat and removing invasive weeds while spending time outdoors. 

Volunteers will be guided by conservation field staff. Volunteers will need to BYO safety gear (enclosed shoes, gloves, glasses) and abide by relevant Covid-19 regulations. All activities are subject to weather warnings and considerations. 

Each activity runs from 10am – 12pm. Contact info@bcn.org.au 

1ST TUESDAY EACH MONTH: Meet at Narrows Beach carpark, Queenscliff 

2ND WEDNESDAY EACH MONTH: Meet at the Point Lonsdale Rip View Carpark (East end of Ocean Road)