Our new website is live!

Welcome to our new website, which showcases Swan Bay and the work we do with the community to protect it.

There are special features on Swan Bay’s ecology, habitats, birds, fish and other animals. You will also find information on the Wadawurrung people, recent historical events and the threats the bay now faces. A major section on our Queenscliffe Indigenous Nursery includes photo galleries that show and describe many of the plants that we grow and sell. There are also easy-to-follow guides on how we grow the plants and what you should do when planting them in your garden. You can even order your plants on the website for picking up later at the nursery in Nelson Road Queenscliff.

Beautiful photos are scattered across the website and bring Swan Bay to life. We are very grateful for the generous support from photographers and you can learn more about them on the Photo Credits page.

Our new website has been designed by Jonathan Wright of Geelong Media. Jonathan is co-director of Geelong Media and in the last 5 years focused his passion for technology on building websites, web applications and helping to develop cyber security awareness training for employees for various clients in Australia and abroad.

We hope you enjoy using our new website and, if you have any queries, there’s a contact form you can complete and email to us.