Scientific NameMelaleuca lanceolata
Size and formMulti-trunked and dense tree 1-10m high and 3-6 m wide.
Flowers, leaves and fruitFlower inflorescence is white with bundled stamens in a fluffy spike. Vegetative growth continues along the branch after the inflorescence. The small leaves are narrow, lanceolate in shape, with a pointed tip bent downwards. Fruit is a persistent, woody urn-shaped capsule occurring in tight clusters around the stem. Bark is flaking and fissured.
Growing conditionsSuitable for a range of situations. It commonly grows along coastal dunes and cliffs or on the edge of water bodies. Prefers well-drained sandy soils or limestone in a full-sun or part-shade position. Suitable as a dense screen. Tolerant of salt spray, wind or periods of inundation.