How it works

How you can become a gardener for wildlife

Restoring wildlife habitats

Gardens are great places to relax, improve your health and to produce fruit and veggies. They can also provide homes for local wildlife.

Wildlife habitats have been lost across the Bellarine Peninsula. Restoring some of these habitats is an important aim of the Swan Bay Environment Association. We are also helping local birds and other animals through our Gardens for Wildlife program, with the support of the Borough of Queenscliffe. Similar Gardens for Wildlife programs are operating across Victoria.


The aims of Gardens for Wildlife

Since the program began in 2016, we have guided many residents in their efforts to attract more wildlife to their gardens. The program is all about:

  • sharing and promoting biodiversity for native flora and fauna
  • devoting part or all of your garden for local wildlife
  • providing habitat planted with locally indigenous or other suitable Australian native plants.
  • helping gardeners build a stronger relationship with their garden.

The Gardens for Wildlife program is free and is supported by the Borough of Queenscliffe. And it’s easy for you to become involved.

How to register your garden

If you would like one of our garden guides to visit, please complete the contact form here.

Visits take place from March through to November, with a break in the summer months.

Getting a garden guide to visit your garden

When you register for the program, one of our guides will visit your garden and discuss what you can do to create wildlife habitat.

A gift of nursery plants

If you are happy with our garden guide’s suggestions and wish to begin planting, our Queenscliffe Indigenous Nursery will provide you with some free plants to get you started.