Become a garden guide

You can help gardeners make their gardens wildlife-attractive

What does a garden guide do?

Garden guides work in pairs, visiting residents and talking with them about their garden. Guides suggest modifications that would attract wildlife and write up some notes that are later emailed to the resident.

How are garden guides trained?

Garden guides receive on-the-job training with experienced guides. They can also attend any training sessions that are run locally as well as any of the Gardens for Wildlife Victoria events.

Why become a garden guide?

Felicity Thyer, one of our garden guides, talks about why she is a Garden Guide.

"As a Garden Guide I have really enjoyed visiting people to talk about their gardens and offer suggestions about what they could do to increase wildlife in their garden. We usually conduct the visits in pairs so there are two of us to offer suggestions, answer questions and identify plants. It is lovely hearing people talk about their garden – what they like and what changes they would like to make. It is exciting to hear back from people about the suggestions they have implemented and the changes they have noticed."

How can you become a garden guide?

You don’t need to know all of our local plants to become a guide but you do need to enjoy meeting new people and talking to them about their gardens. You will learn to look out for opportunities you can use to suggest modifications to improve habitat. And you will gradually learn about our local indigenous flora.

For more information

If you are interested in becoming a Garden Guide, please complete the contact form here