Kangaroo Grass

Scientific Name Themada triandra Size and form Tussock grass to 1m high Flowers, leaves and fruit Rusty coloured flower inflorescence with distinctive black awn. Flowers occur Sep-March. Lime green foliage in spring which becomes rusty coloured over the summer. Being a warm season grass, most growth occurs in spring and summer. Growing conditions Prefers full sun and a well drained …

Coast Tussock-grass

Scientific Name Poa poiformis var. poiformis Size and form Blue-green tufting grass to 1m high. Flowers, leaves and fruit Flowers occur in dense, loose, straw coloured panicles. Flowers occur September to January. Growing conditions Grows naturally on coastal dunes and cliffs. Suitable for well drained sandy soil and tolerant of salt spray. Grows well in full sun or semi-shade positions.

Long-hair Plume-grass

Scientific Name Dichelachne crinita Size and form An erect, tufting perennial grass 50cm-1m high. Flowers, leaves and fruit Flowers occur in dense panicles with overlapping spikelets. The awn is long, curly and threadlike. Flowering occurs from October to March. The green-blue leaves are flat or sometimes with an inrolled margin. Growing conditions Can grow in a range of situations. Suitable …

Common Wallaby-grass

Scientific Name Rytidosperma caespitosum Size and form A low, dense and variable tussock grass 20-40cm high and 40cm wide. Flowers, leaves and fruit A fluffy, panicle flower inflorescence occurs from September to December. Bracts surrounding florets are covered with hairs and bristles. Leaves are blue-green and hairy. Growing conditions Suitable for moist, well-drained soils in a full-sun or part-shade position.

Prickly Spear Grass

Scientific Name Austrostipa stipoides Size and form A golden-brown, dense, prickly and tufted tussock grass. Flowers, leaves and fruit Flower inflorescence is a panicle that occurs within the tussock foliage. Flowers occur from October to March. Erect and inrolled foliage with a pointed tip. Growing conditions Suitable for well-drained soils in a full-sun position. It is found growing close to …