Growling Grass Frog

Scientific Name Litoria raniformis Size 5.5–11cm Diet Insects. Habitat Wet areas in woodlands, shrublands and open and disturbed areas.

Spotted Marsh Frog

Scientific Name Limnodynastes tasmaniensis Size Up to 5cm Diet Insects. Habitat Most areas but prefers swamps, ponds or lagoons.

Eastern Banjo Frog

Scientific Name Limnodynastes dumerilii Size Up to 9cm Diet Insects. Habitat Most habitats including suburban, heath and sclerophyll forest areas.

Brown Tree Frog

Scientific Name Litoria ewingii Size 3–5cm Diet Insects. Habitat Damp vegetation on or near the ground, in suburban areas and around streams, lakes and ponds.

Common Eastern Froglet

Scientific Name Crinia signifera Size 2–3cm Diet Insects. Habitat Wide variety of water bodies including streams, flooded ditches, grassland, permanent ponds, and dams.