Black-anther Flax-lily

Scientific NameDianella revoluta var. revoluta
Size and formA dense, spreading, rhizomatous and tufting perennial 50-70cm high and 30cm-2m wide.
Flowers, leaves and fruitThe terminal, panicle inflorescences with blue to violet flowers, occur on stems reaching equal or above the leaves. The flower has deep yellow swellings on the filaments. Flowering occurs from September to January Fruit is a bright, purple, ovoid berry containing numerous, shiny black seeds. The basally sheathed leaves are tough, erect, linear and discolourous; blue-green above and pale green-whitish below.
Growing conditionsSuitable for dry, well-drained soils in a full-sun or semi-shade position. A very tough and hardy plant that is useful for revegetation and soil binding.